Sunday, August 29, 2010

i want to ride my bicycle

there is such joy in teaching the girls something new.  but when they teach themselves, my heart swells. 

K has wanted to learn to ride her bicycle like her big sister ever since E took off  on two wheels.  we put a handle on the back, and spend some time practicing, and she was close, but not quite there.  she quickly taught herself to ride her two-wheeler while we were up north.  the secret was given to us by D's (amazing!) cousin Rose - who visited us on the island while on a SF - Vancouver cycling adventure.  (she actually works teaching kids to ride, and ride safely.)  the handle wasn't helping her learn to balance - the key to riding.  "take off the pedals" she told us.  that simple.  after two days scooting around pedal-free i put them back on, and presto.   (its the premise of the whole "balance bike" movement - without the added cost.  the bike they end up on can also be the bike they learn on.)

bike ride
we passed on the tip when we got home and today K's best friend learned the same - and off they went with the rest of the neighbourhood kids.

they were beaming.  (and so was i.)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ivor the Engine

Did you watch Ivor the Engine growing up? I've been reading about Smallfilms that apparently produced a lot of the children's programming I remember from my childhood. Unlike Bagpuss, another favorite, there's lots of episodes on YouTube and I've been watching them with the kid. Episode 20, Snowdrifts, has been a particular favorite. To say they are delightful is somewhat of an understatement or is that just nostalgia talking? The look is wonderful - apparently stop motion animation using cardboard cut-outs painted with watercolors.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I spy something yellow

Awesomeness on Etsy. The vintage stuff for kids just gets better and better.

Yellow Hood from Jumpintotherainbow

Hush Puppies from trucksanddolls

Big Bird Crocheted Bag from storybookvintage