Sunday, September 19, 2010

what do you think?

Sinking in paper? At $400 do you think this thing would be worth it?


Oh - and thank you Qubo for introducing it to the girls - who in turn introduced it to me :)

The Old Place

Last weekend we headed to the Peter Strauss Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains for a picnic and Bluegrass concert. It was loads of fun. Even more exciting was the Cornell Winery and Old Place opposite the Ranch entrance. The restaurant looks amazing, we had a little look around. We should meet up there one Saturday night. The menu is truly mouth watering.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

E is for elephant

I found this amazing little book called Paper Snips at the Salvation Army and thought I would drag it out today, the last day of the summer vacation, to try and occupy the kids. It didn't really do it for them but I had a blast. The book contained a bunch of animal stencils, sadly most of them didn't survive but the graphics are beautiful. We managed an elephant and dog before they were off onto something else.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby shoes - finally

I've loved the idea of baby shoes made from vintage fabric ever since I spotted them in Tiny Happy's shop back in 2007. I think they make a different, perfect gift for a new born and I've bought a few pairs from her in the intervening years. Although I adore everything Melissa does you know my craziness for bright retro prints so I decided to experiment with some of my own vintage fabric stash. I've finally figured out a pattern I like and here are the results. I'm keeping the chickens as a sample but I put the Joan Walsh Anglund pair in our shop.