Tuesday, January 19, 2010

for the love of wallpaper

Do it.

I so badly want this for our kitchen.

from the ferm living website

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm thinking this may be an excuse to start looking for vintage wallpaper for the dollhouse you found. Inspiration below...

Dollhouse from Ferm Living

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coptic Bound Lego

So the kid is reaching fever pitch when it comes to Lego, in particular Star Wars Lego. It's all he wanted for Christmas and it's all he wants for his birthday. Is this a boy thing?

I take some comfort in the fact it seems to be an international phenomenon after reading Fine Little Day's post. He too got the Republic Attack Cruiser for Christmas and we are trying to think of ways to display his finished models within easy reach for him but safe from the destructive little hands of his sister.

What he really wants is the Death Star and he is saving hard but at $450 he'll be in college by the time he saves enough. However, there is some solace in this YouTube video - excellent!

And look what I found for me - I mean him. I've been trying to get him to use a sketch book around to record and doodle so perhaps this will do the trick.

Small Coptic Bound Book with a Build your Own Cover Design

How about this?

for sam {for grace}

Picked up at the thrift for $9.99. No markings - except for a small tag reading "Made in Indonesia" and some lovely cursive graffitti on the back of the previous owners doing ;)

{Man, may 2010 be the year of the baseboard!}


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vintage or new doll's house?

While we were away the baby showed a huge amount of interest in a Barbie doll's house one of our friend's girls got from Santa. She was particularly captivated by the toilet which made a flushing noise, I'm not joking, to the point where she stripped down and tried to climb into the house to sit on it. I guess an understanding of scale comes later.

Anyway, as her second birthday is coming up, count them - two years!, I thought a doll's house might be a good idea for a present. But my dilemma is new or vintage? Here is want I have found so far, what do you think?

Green Dollhouse by Plan Toys

This one has a rain barrel!

Terrace Dollhouse by Plan Toys

Vintage Tyo Doll House Sesame Street

60s Vintage Fisher Price

Vintage 1950's Dream House

Sunday, January 3, 2010

there and back again

Hi. We are home! Home. It sticks in my throat a little. To be perfectly honest, sometimes when we are away, when we are up on "our island", I feel more at home than ever.

In any case, we are back. I am sorry I didn't send any postcards this trip. It went so quickly, and the internet availability was limited.

Here are the ones I would have sent.

the ferry ride from Sturdies Bay to Schwartz Bay

seasons greetings from the woods
looking up on a hike in the woods

destination perfection
a fire waiting for us in the stove

Happy New Year my dear friend. xo