Monday, May 21, 2007

American baby

Over the weekend I was searching for a baby gift for friends and stumbled into an American Apparel shop. I knew a little bit about American Apparel – their products are made in America, they are based in downtown Los Angeles, they pay fair wages, the products are 100% cotton. So I bought a cute little onesie and moved on. But doing a little more research later turned up the fact they also have a line of organic baby clothes. I love this idea for a gift.

Ideas to try:
Order online a onesie for each day of the week and have them shipped to the lucky newborn without having to leave home.

Head over to Etsy and pick up a customized, and extremely cute, version. Here are some of my favorites:

Mind Alphabet, Turtle Onesie - Organic Cotton, Non-toxic Ink

Fox and Winston, Brian the Red Rooster

Rock Paper Scissors, rock star baby organic cotton onesie


Nicole, James' Mom said...

Love the green ideas. It's sometimes difficult to tow the line between being green and being a convenience-seeking mom. Thanks for the tips. One note about American Apparel. I am turned off by the company b/c of what I have read about the founder/president. It seems he thinks it's okay to use sex to promote, even among the teen set. I just don't agree so I reflect it by not patronizing it.

I had no idea until recently when I read about him and the company. But it is good they manufacture everything in the US. Hard to understand how they could keep the prices reasonable at all.