Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm not a plastic bag

Tracy and I started this blog to share simple green ideas with each other and ultimately you. One of the easiest green ideas for me to get my head around and actually accomplish is giving up plastic bags. You can pick your statistic but we use a lot of plastic bags. Americans alone use 100 billion each year and when you consider they take nearly 1000 years to break down it becomes unconscionable not to give them up, especially when there are so many fab alternatives out there.

After the craziness surrounding the launch of I'm Not A Plastic Bag in the UK, Anya Hindmarch will be launching a limited edition blue version of the bag in the US on June 20th. At $15 a pop why not try and get one? Good luck. has a wide selection, or you can just pick one up a couple in store next time you do you grocery shop. I’ve seen them at both Wholefoods and Trader Joes.

Farmers market shopping bag

I've accumulated a lot of various canvas bags from conferences over the years. I keep them in the trunk of my car and use them for grocery shopping. Where I have a harder time is when I'm clothes shopping or at somewhere like Target. For these occasions I've made myself a fabric tote to roll up and have in my handbag so it's always with me.


honeybunch said...

An excellent idea! I'm with you - reusing plastic bags is OK for household stuff but a bit unseemly for nicer things. Love the tote idea.

And great blog, by the way. Glad I found it.