Monday, August 13, 2007

Made in America (Toys)

While channel hoping recently I landed on the Travel Channel's Made in America. For those who don't know this is the show where John Ratzenberger drives around the US in a bus, visiting people who make American goods. The show I saw featured Marble King in West Virginia.

Glass marbles are one of those objects of desire for me. I had no idea this place existed despite their claim to be "The World's Best Known, Best Loved Marbles". But I know where I am going for stocking stuffers for the holidays this year.

I don't know how environmentally responsible King Marble is but I like the idea of not adding to America's trade deficit by buying from home.

Do you have any favorite made in America toys?

Made in America
How to Play Marbles (UK)
How to Play Marbles (


Ginnie said...

I was completely smitten with the marbles. I love that show, I love watching things made,a nd I love it when they are made here.

Anne said...

I found wooden blocks from the Land of Nod...made in the USA (Michigan), and they are of good quality.

Tracy said...

lots of good stuff at mahar drygoods (although not all made in the usa) and of course etsy! xo

STL Mom said...

qwvWhittle Shortline Railroad makes wooden trains that are compatible with Brio or Thomas the Tank Engine sets, but are made in Missouri with lead-free paint.
My son has trains and accessories from all three companies, and I think the Whittle trains are just as well made as the other brands. I have found the Thomas the Tank Engine tracks to be a little more durable when stepped on, but more expensive.

Sandy said...

Please check out for a long list of over 85 clickable links to companies that sell toys made in the U.S.A.

Anonymous said... has tons of great toys made in the USA!

char said...

Oh and {4 Kids & Babes} has both toys and clothing Made in the USA! Check them out.