Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ring ring - hello?

shopping for a new phone

sam ended up with this corded phone -


a good green choice (as you don't need to plug it into an electrical outlet you can feel confident it isn't being an energy suck!)

and i am now looking -

unless we went with two telephones - which i really didn't want to do.
we needed cordless. we tried to think we didn't. but we do. (save putting in another jack - which we will look into when we do some other electrical in the bedroom.)

this was touted in a recent magazine article for its shutting down of all extra energy consumption when not in use (stand-by mode so to speak)and came with an extra dock to plug in (which we won't use.) though i can't find mention of this feature anywhere else. hmmmm...

i also am thiking about sony. very impressed with their recent move to recycle their products without charge. (check if you have a drop-off location near you here.)

now to look into a greener telephone service provider. (info on some options over at idea bite.)

what are you dialing?