Monday, December 17, 2007

Tissue Paper Silhouettes

We've been having fun during the past couple of weeks experimenting with what I call stained glass ornaments but what are really tissue paper silhouettes. I remember making these at school. The tissue paper always got destroyed by that goopy, almost congealed, white glue and plastic applicators we had to use. But now we have Martha Stewart craft supplies from Michaels.

For the first one, my little boy drew a house and I cut out the windows and door and backed it with tissue paper.

Being a mom in a boy's world

For the second one I used the ornament template at and copied a Disneyland silhouette we had made when the kid was about two.

Tissue Paper Silhouettes, part 2

Any tissue paper will do but I've been using some Eric Carle designed tissue from the Klutz book You Can Make a College. It adds a festive touch. Apart from the tissue paper all you need is black construction paper, an exacto knife and craft glue.


Carrie said...

I love tissue paper silhouettes-I used to have my pre-school students make them all of the time!

Gift of Green said...

Awesome! I have so many crafts to try with my kiddos now!

Mama Taney said...

Those are so wonderful!! I've never seen the tissue-paper silhouettes before ~ fantastic!