Thursday, April 10, 2008

make it new

I have been very inspired for a little creative redo as of late.

Loving this dress refashioned from a button-down shirt by cathy (from a tutorial she found via moki and her school of craft, originally on crafster)

back_of_dress_(top)[1] (2)
front_of_dress_(top)[1] (2)
closeup_of_embroidery[1] (2)

(another shot here)

and this skirt


by melissa of all buttoned up.

It feels like time to spring-clean our closests and outfit the girls for summer at the same time!


Mrs.French said...

sweet, sweet, sweet!

Em said...

That is SO cool! I hope to do this too with some of my husband's shirts that don't fit him anymore... or for some reason he jsut doesn't wear them... Really cute!