Saturday, October 17, 2009

Speed Thrifting

Between work and kids there is not much time to even thrift anymore. I'm resorting to 30 minutes on a Friday night after work - thank you Salvation Army for staying open late. Friday nights are more forgiving, no homework, no getting to bed on time, not even a bath! Well, the baby usually needs a bath but the boy can get away with it.

So in I go, after work. I look down the crockery aisle first then round the corner to the "other" aisle and this is usually where I find some great vintage paper goods. See below for a fantastic box of envelopes I recently found. Over to the bedding and fabric corner - why is there never any good fabric yardage at my SA? A zoom through the kid's clothes and a walk down the adult skirt and dress aisle in search a fabric. This tactic can sometimes unearth some wonderful and inexpensive yardage finds like the William Morris and Marimekko skirts below. I'm imagining making the baby some sweet skirts or tops from this. Imagining because I don't have time to sew anymore either...

How do you shop at the thrift store?



The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Sounds like a good plan...and it's working if you find great deals like that green skirt!

Mannagryn said...

I am a thrift shop addict if i've got a minute extra I try to squeeze in a look. The first place I look is the textile section and the kitchenware, sadly it's becoming more difficult to find good stuff.
Great finds you've got though!