Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Ideas

So Tracy, having been through it a couple of times, what do you get a two-year-old girl for Christmas?

I impulsively bought this because *I* loved it so much but I think I might have to put it away for a couple of years.

I recently spotted this Eco House which is fabulous and tempting but again may be a little old for her.

I fantasize I will have time to make her the Poppy Doll from Hop Skip and Jump and I even bought the pattern but I definitely need a back-up plan.


Rebekka said...

I just saw this and was thinking three little pigs and a wolf (who could be almost the same as a pig but in grey and with a smaller button and maybe some whiskers) would be a great gift for a little person, perhaps with the story of the three little pigs.