Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Those crewel kits you have in the shop are tempting me...

I am becoming obsessed with vintage (60s-70s) crewel work.

inspiration 2
(This one I found finished at the Goodwill.)

inspiration 1
(And this one I LOVE. It is hanging on the wall of a friend's home. I want to try and make a copy of it.)

I also found a bunch of vintage brochures at the Goodwill for crewel kits.

It all took me to the Permin of Copenhagen website. There is quite a bit I am not into here (viking needlepoint anyone?) but I am enjoying their monthly free graph download. This month - a sweet little Santa needlepoint by the fire. Also giving me ideas about designing my own crewelwork advent calendar. Hmmmmmm...

Did you guys get to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Oh. My! I am sorry we didn't get to go together. It really was Fantastic.

Happy December!