Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vintage or new doll's house?

While we were away the baby showed a huge amount of interest in a Barbie doll's house one of our friend's girls got from Santa. She was particularly captivated by the toilet which made a flushing noise, I'm not joking, to the point where she stripped down and tried to climb into the house to sit on it. I guess an understanding of scale comes later.

Anyway, as her second birthday is coming up, count them - two years!, I thought a doll's house might be a good idea for a present. But my dilemma is new or vintage? Here is want I have found so far, what do you think?

Green Dollhouse by Plan Toys

This one has a rain barrel!

Terrace Dollhouse by Plan Toys

Vintage Tyo Doll House Sesame Street

60s Vintage Fisher Price

Vintage 1950's Dream House


Tracy said...

i love the plantoys. but will also keep my eye open for something vintage : )

6p00e55397a5c28834 said...

I love that Plan Toys make their toys from sustainable rubber tree (and i think from memory they treat/pay their workers fairly).

We recently bought a second hand timber dolls house and I bought new timber furniture from Plan Toys.

So I went both, new and vintage.

6p00e55397a5c28834 said...

Oops! My user name is still not working properly. I'm Tricia from Little eco footprints.