Monday, February 15, 2010

sew sow so

First off Dolly is magnificent! I love the flower in her hair!

And back to your question about school gardening:

A box garden for every class is a wonderful idea. We have done the same. What I have found though is without the infrastructure for the teachers to know what to do with them, it only goes so far. That is where your connection to GrowingGreat may be most valuable. I think though, ultimately, there is so much put on our teachers right now that some (as we talked about today!) just follow the prescribed checklist of reading, writing, and 'rithmetic without ever leaving that box. It is those teachers (and in some cases parents in the classroom) that realize that the garden can be used for more than just teaching nutrition but integrated into those three subjects (along with science, art, history etc.) that will have the "best" garden boxes on campus.


And so, a question now for you. I need to get a "system" in place and will start with the pile on my desk in front of me. What do you do with magazines? (Ok, not the most important doc in front of me but hey, its the top of the pile so its a start!) I have every dwell since the beginning - and am not sure why. But also can't seem to part with them? Should I?! I also have piles of tearsheets from those mags I have bid farewell too (Martha Stewart; Sunset, Real Simple...) I'll add - I don't have time to paste them into some kind of scrapbook, as others have suggested to me. What do you do?

So good to be with you today in person. (And to know I can be with you any day here.) xo