Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can of worms.

I am treating myself to a series of classes this fall / winter with John Lyons of The Woven Garden. Classes are once a month at Green and Greener in Valley Village. Final class is gardening with children. You can take the series as a whole, or individual classes. (More info on Green and Greener classes here.)

First class on composting and vermicomposting was amazing!

Now I want this for my birthday.

worm composter of 100% recycled materials, made in Southern California
$120 through Green and Greener

FYI: John also teaches at Descanso Gardens.


EAPPster said...

Did you know that the city of LA will sell you a worm composting bin for a discount? I think they're only $65 or so, and you get worms thrown in for free. The LA Dept of Public Works website has info.