Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Garden Box

My eldest daughter and I recently took an organic gardening class together (at one of our fave local haunts, Green and Greener). The class was geared towards kids - with lots of talk of vermiculture and "oooohs" over the definition of "casings".

The best part for me was the box we got to bring home.

box garden

The instructor (John Lyons of The Woven Garden - who is a wonderful teacher)had the kids plant a variety of items - bulbs (shallots), seeds (cat grass), seedlings (pansies) and plants (strawberries) into a wooden wine crate he had procured from a neighborhood restaurant.

The little box has been receiving a lot of TLC and happily growing on our patio. Happy plants - and happy reuse!

box garden


alyssa said...

Hi Tracy and E,

Those planters were such a great idea and John was so wonderful with the kids.
Our planter continues to thrive and look marvelous.
Those planters should have a reunion or something:)