Friday, July 20, 2007

Surf's Up

Oh to build a house off the grid of reclaimed materials. (I know just where I would put it!)

Skin Deep has made some changes to their site.

Getting some birds for my bulbs.

All the recycled paper goodness over at remake's etsy shop.

How "walkable" is your neighbourhood? (via The Worsted Witch) Mine scores 38/100. Ouch!

Researching our local CSA.

Lots of good stuff to puruse over at the newly launched Green Apartment Therapy.

Not that I should be purusing...


ndc said...

Perhaps you'll feel better to know that our neighborhood scored a whopping ZERO/100.

(We're pretty remote. The nearest anything is about 2.5 miles.)


Betty Bee said...

I guess I made a good choice. My neighborhood scored 88/100. :)

But then again, I live in a moderately-sized suburb with a small but shoppable downtown area, which I am right on.

Lucky me!