Friday, July 27, 2007

Surf's Up

Loving this bag stand from Sprout Design (pricey, yes, but great design).

Inspired by Nicole and her participation in this playground raising!

Drooling over the textile collection of Galbraith & Paul.

Happy that Room and Board is carrying some of their designs.

and that West Elm is now carrying an organic line.

Mesmerized by photos of Lisa's recent time in Japan.

Smiling over how Low Impact Man entertains his daughter without t.v..

{What tricks / distractions / etc. do you keep your kids busy with?}

Looking forward to a quiet weekend. Enjoy yours!


BunkleLife said...

Love the recycling box - but ouch as to cost! Hmmm. Must think on that...

And got well lost in the land of No Impact Man... ;-)

angelique said...

Love that No Impact Man post! We are also a no-TV family (except for the occasional video) and do lots of those things, too. Here are two more:

We look in the bottom of the toybox, the back of the shelves, etc. for toys and books Iris has forgotten (there are plenty) and rediscover them.

We sit as quietly as possible and whisper to each other what we hear - there are always lots of things we don't pay attention to when we're busy blabbering away.

devinemom said...

West Elm selling an organic line is very good news for us. We were just commenting today about how we got a nice organic/chemical free mattress for the little one and then we were going to put on chemical filled pillows and sheets. It is so hard to know what to do...

Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas for the home and living. We are trying a little more each day.