Friday, September 26, 2008

Moop Kids!

I love my Moop Market Bag - so was obviously excited when they introduced their kids! line.

organic cotton bookbag $86 at

If you like, they will even personalize it with your child's name!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Bean Vintage Daywear

I stumbled upon Baby Bean Vintage Daywear at a neighborhood childrens store a few weeks ago and I have to tell you I'm completely smitten. Started by Christine Visneau in 2004, each collection is "crafted from and inspired by" vintage fabrics and handmade by Christine and a few stay at home moms in Dallas, Texas.

Most of all I love the simpleness of the silhouettes combined with the fun of the vintage fabrics.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Take Your Lunch to Work (Day)

I have a fantasy that someday I will take lunch to work, not only to save money but to eat more healthfully. To encourage myself and inspired by all this talk of waste-free school lunches, I took a look at what Etsy had to offer in the way of lunch transportation devices.

Fabric Lunch Bag by Sandra Kay

Japanese style lunch bag and container - sausage dogs by Grey Goat

And just for fun...

Apple Jacket - Hand Knit Green Multi by jacquelineknits ltd.

Can of worms.

I am treating myself to a series of classes this fall / winter with John Lyons of The Woven Garden. Classes are once a month at Green and Greener in Valley Village. Final class is gardening with children. You can take the series as a whole, or individual classes. (More info on Green and Greener classes here.)

First class on composting and vermicomposting was amazing!

Now I want this for my birthday.

worm composter of 100% recycled materials, made in Southern California
$120 through Green and Greener

FYI: John also teaches at Descanso Gardens.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Did you know

you can sign up to NOT receive a telephone book each year?

Do it at

Save a tree.


Remember, Remember

Here is a beautiful solution for capturing all the classic things your kids say before you forget them: remembrance notes in a jar, from inchmark. Just love it.

via Ohdeedoh